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Argon is used in many processes and in many fields such as industrial, scientific, and food. In the welding industry, some of the main uses of Argon are as a shielding gas for both gas tungsten arc welding, metal arc welding processes and processing of titanium and other reactive elements. Other uses of Argon are often as a preservative, propellant, for gas chromatography, ICP spectroscopy and incandescent lighting.


Acetylene is known for having a high temperature flame. It’s commonly used in gas welding, soldering, brazing, and oxyacetylene cutting.


Helium is used in many fields: medical, industrial, science, entertainment and recreation. Some of the main uses of Helium are MRI scanners, shielding gas for welding, balloons both decorative and weather, fiber optics, semiconductors, and lasers.


Air is widely used as a fourth utility after electricity, natural gas and water. Air is commonly used in air tools, plasma cutting, and cleaning.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is used in the food and beverage industry as a cooling, chilling and freezing medium. It’s also used for carbonation in beverages, for metal fabrication as a shielding gas, and fire suppression applications, and paintball propellant.


Nitrogen gas has a variety of applications including but not limted to a replacement for air where oxidation is undesirable, inflation of tire and balloons, fire suppression systems, manufacturing of stainless steel, beer and wine, paintball gun propellant, and ice cream.


Oxygen is used in many industries such as the medical field for Oxygen therapy, hyperbaric chambers and life support. Oxygen is also used for metal cutting and welding, water treatment, and metal heat treating.


Hydrogen is used in the aerospace industry in the annealing process on metals. It’s also used as a clean burning fuel source in the semiconductor industry.


Propylene is used as an alternative to Acetylene in Oxy-fuel processes such as welding and cutting, brazing, and the heating of metals.


Propane is a popular choice for fuel for BBQ’s, portable stoves, and personal heaters. It can also be used in place of acetylene in oxy-fuel cutting and heating processes.